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We are supporting well-water boring, local farming, solar energy, improved education and job creation.

Little Beginning, Big Impact

how we Started

This Little Light Africa (TLLA) started out of a business and ministry partnership between those in the United States and Nigeria, more specifically Los Angeles and Abuja.  One of those principal partners, Pastor Isaac Komolafe (see Issac’s Story), has been working in the northern region of Nigeria for over 30 years: planting churches, starting schools, providing clinics and bringing fresh water to this dry and hostile region.  As he shared his vision for Nigeria and outlined his plan to provide essential resources and services to stabilize the region and advance and empower the people in the most populace country in Africa, those listening were struck by the great need and the potential for their resources to provide much more than they had anticipated.  So in the beginning of 2020, with the COVID-19 epidemic causing a massive shutdown in the economy and with many in need of food, This Little Light Africa provided the resources to feed hundreds of Nigerians.  This was the birth of This Little Light Africa 

Spreading the Gospel in practical and life-giving ways in Africa

With Your Contribution

This Little Light Africa is a non-profit that partners with and supports organizations and individuals in Nigeria and throughout Africa, to empower their fellow Africans, improve their communities and better the world around them.

We focus on the following four areas of support to the underserved in Africa:

The Sahel International Support Foundation (SISF) has provided wells, improved conditions for farmers...

Water & Food

Pastor Isaac Komolafe and the Sahel International Support Foundation (SISF) have provided wells for clean water, land and supplies for improved farming, and farming co-ops to create increased stability and safety for farmers and their surrounding communities…

SISF has developed clinics in some of the poorest regions in Nigeria.


SISF has developed clinics in some of the poorest regions in Nigeria. They are in need of supplies, medical equipment, and solar power…

Sponsor a student or a school.  This includes: school uniform and books, tablets and other technology

Education and Job Creation

Donors can sponsor a student or a school. This includes: school uniforms and books, desks and chairs, scholarships for higher education and much more. As well, local men and women can qualify for vocational training and entrepreneurial support…

Solar power units can be provided for smaller homes and larger businesses (schools and clinics)

Clean Energy

Over 55% of Nigerians have no access to electricity. Most use dangerous and costly diesel generators or kerosene. Solar power is a safe and affordable solution…

what else can you do

be a "seed planter"

Sponsor A Seed And See A Harvest

Sponsor A Student

Change a life forever by “planting” a full or partial scholarship for an underserved African student.

Sponsor A School

Join us in “improving the soil” as we create “sister-school” partnerships between African and US schools to better understand culture, create lasting relationships and work on transformative projects together.

Sponsor A Teacher

Provide “an apple” gift for a local teacher to become a more creative and effective educator through our online teacher training program.

With Your Help, Our Projects

Delivering Practical, Life-giving support

Our Mission

This Little Light Africa fulfills its mission of spreading the Gospel through practical and life-giving support by partnering with proven, African-led organizations on the ground in Nigeria and throughout Africa, so as to empower their fellow Africans, improve their communities and better the world around them. 

TLLA is a non-profit corporation that focuses on four areas of support to the underserved in Africa: Water and food, health, education and job creation, and clean energy.

Monty Minchin, M.Ed., President

Monty is a long-time educator and has worked for Berlitz, UCLA, Pacifica Christian High and Harvard-Westlake School. As a board member of the Minchin Foundation, he has focused on supporting underserved communities through educational programs, scholarships and basic needs assistance.  Monty is also involved at UCLA (B.A. Economics, 1988), as a member of the Chancellor’s Society and in support of UCLA students who have been in the foster care system.  Currently, Monty is a managing partner of i-PrepU, an online educational platform to support high schools in the US and abroad, and is an advisor to Vireo Energy, supporting endeavors in Africa for solar energy and education.

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