Isaac’s Story (Northern Nigeria and the Sahel Region)

The African Sahel Region that consists of Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Mali, Northern Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan and Eritrea faces many complex issues from religious and ethnic hostility to a lack of critical resources and jobs.

The countries of the Sahel are among the World’s poorest. In the rural settings, houses, hospitals and schools are without water and electricity. Kerosene is out of reach. Darkness covers the land from sundown to sunset. These problems require innovative, pragmatic and caring solutions.

Reverend Isaac Komolafe and his wife, Sarah, were called as Nigerian church leaders to serve this region in 1990. Over the last 30 years, they have spent their lives supporting and teaching indigenous church leaders (who have planted over 1000 churches in Northern Nigeria, alone) and have significantly impacted the people in the region by providing life-changing resources like clean water, schools, and medical clinics. These resources have been provided to people regardless of religion or ethnicity, thus bringing greater peace to the volatile region.

Isaac and most leaders agree that introducing cost-effective solar power to Nigeria and then the extended Sahel Region is critical for elevating people’s standard of living, improving education, creating jobs and bringing unity.

Isaac’s work has been recognized in the past and is being supported currently by religious, political and indigenous leaders in Nigeria and the Sahel Region. These leaders see the opportunity to improve their people’s lives through affordable solar power, economic empowerment and job creation.